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We're excited to announce that Novus's Turkish Language Model has taken the top spot on the OpenLLM Turkey leaderboard! 🚀

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We are happy to announce that our Novus Research The Turkish LLM has topped the OpenLLM Turkey leaderboard! 🏆

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Our model, NovusResearch/Novus-7b-tr_v1, is a fully fine-tuned model that has undergone extensive training on various Turkish datasets. These datasets mainly consist of translated versions from the teknium/OpenHermes-2.5 and Open-Orca/SlimOrca datasets.

In our initial experiments, we found that traditional LoRA-based fine-tuning does not improve performance benchmarks. In fact, performance degraded in many runs, especially in the GSM8K benchmark.

Looking at competitors, we found that Trendyol uses Low Rank Adaptation (LoRA) but we had more success using the full fine-tuning model.

What makes LoRA different from fine-tuning, and why did we decide to go with fine-tuning?

Low Rank Adaptation (LoRA) is an innovative approach to fine-tuning deep learning models. It achieves this by reducing the number of trainable parameters, which not only improves efficiency but also enables seamless switching between different tasks.

LoRA's algorithm, Source: https://blogs.rstudio.com/ai/posts/2023-06-22-understanding-lora/#:~:text=LoRA (Low Rank Adaptation) is,and enables efficient task switching.

Full fine-tuning, on the other hand, involves fine-tuning all of the parameters of the pre-trained model on a specific task or dataset. This approach allows the model to learn task-specific features and nuances, potentially leading to better performance on the target task. However, full fine-tuning may require more computational resources and time compared to LoRA-based fine-tuning. This is the reason why we decided to go for full fine-tuning.

Our focus has been on incorporating knowledge through pre-training and fully fine-tuning models. We believe that traditional LoRA-based fine tuning only allows LLMs to adapt to different styles without adding additional information.

With the addition of new GPUs, we are expanding our efforts on continuous pre-education and aim to contribute more to the Turkish open-source community!

We are very excited to be a part of this journey and look forward to more to come. 🚀

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Acıbadem's partnership with Novus transformed its call centers with AI, driving remarkable growth and operational efficiency.

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Acıbadem is a leading healthcare provider dedicated to delivering high-quality medical services. Since partnering with Novus in August 2023, significant advancements have been made, particularly in the integration of artificial intelligence into their operations and the remarkable growth they have achieved.

Advancements in AI Integration

One of the standout achievements of this partnership has been the successful integration of AI into Acıbadem's call center systems. With the help of Novus's 360 Sales AI solution, Acıbadem has revolutionized its call center management and content control processes. This integration has led to improved accuracy and efficiency in operations, ensuring better patient care and more informed decision-making.

Remarkable Growth and Impact

The collaboration with Novus has had a profound impact on Acıbadem's growth. The healthcare provider has experienced an impressive 500% growth since the partnership began. This growth has directly influenced their turnover, with Acıbadem stating,

"We achieved a 500% growth and it directly affected the turnover."

This achievement highlights the effectiveness of Novus's solutions in driving business success.

Strengthening Efficiency Through Collaboration

The partnership between Acıbadem and Novus has been characterized by efficient teamwork and rapid progress. Acıbadem has praised the Novus team for their quick and effective approach to project execution, noting,

"Team dialog and work completion is very fast."

The additional support from Novus' sister company KLOK has further solidified this partnership, indicating a promising long-term collaboration.

Future Prospects

As Acıbadem and Novus continue their collaboration, they are poised for even greater achievements. Their commitment to exploring innovative solutions and embracing new technologies is set to further revolutionize the healthcare industry. Acıbadem's journey with Novus serves as a shining example of how strategic partnerships can lead to exceptional outcomes in healthcare.

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Novus advances insurance with AI, focusing on claims and semantic analysis for industry transformation.

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Novus is at the forefront of revolutionizing the insurance sector with productive AI solutions, particularly in claims processes. In a recent interview with Insurer Newspaper, Novus co-founder Vorga Can emphasized the transformative potential of AI in insurance, focusing on data and semantic analysis to enhance claims handling and other processes.

The rise of generative AI and big language models, as seen with applications like ChatGPT and Dall-E, has increased the spotlight on AI's applications across various sectors, including insurance. Novus, specializing in generative AI and semantic analysis, is making significant strides in this direction.

Initially starting as a media company, Novus pivoted to leveraging its deep knowledge in machine learning and AI for content production. This evolution led to the creation of Novus Writer, allowing companies to generate written content using their own data. Investments from entities like SWG in Estonia, the MIT Sandbox program, and substantial cloud loans have propelled Novus forward.

Vorga Can highlighted the company's focus on semantic analysis, aiming to make data more communicative and functional for businesses. Novus Writer and Novus On-Prem solutions are key products in this endeavor, offering customizable AI tools for content creation and operational efficiency.

Differentiating itself from competitors, Novus leverages its Custom-AI capability, allowing companies to quickly train models with their data, yielding high-quality outputs. Collaborations with major banks and businesses in Turkey further showcase Novus's expertise in AI solutions.

Looking at the insurance sector, Vorga Can sees enormous potential for AI to streamline and optimize operations, particularly in post-loss processes. An AI model trained with a company's data and know-how could significantly improve communication and efficiency, enhancing overall industry performance.

Novus's goals extend beyond content optimization for SMEs. The company aims to become a leading on-prem AI provider, first in Turkey and then globally, focusing on Europe and the US markets. Vorga Can invites senior managers in the insurance industry to explore AI-driven solutions, emphasizing the importance of building an "AI Corpus" for competitive advantage in the near future.

For more insights and detailed plans from Novus, you can refer to the full article Semantik analiz ve üretken yapay zekâ çözümleri sigortacılıkta fark yaratabilir on the Sigortacı Gazetesi website.

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Novus receives $500K from Inveo Ventures, aiming to enhance AI solutions and global presence.

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We are thrilled to announce that Novus has successfully secured a $500,000 investment in a round led by Inveo Ventures, with significant contributions from esteemed partners like Startup Wise Guys, Venture Lane, and Aegan Ventures. This marks a major milestone in our journey, reinforcing our commitment to revolutionizing content and analysis solutions for corporate companies with our cutting-edge artificial intelligence and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies.

Building on our previous success, including a substantial investment from Startup Wise Guys in 2022 valuing us at 4.5 million euros, this new influx of capital is a testament to our potential and the faith our investors have in our vision.

Headquartered in Istanbul and Boston, we continue to provide our users with fast, authentic, and verified text solutions, leveraging the latest advancements in NLP.

This fresh investment will be pivotal in further developing our AI solutions and facilitating our expansion on a global scale. Our focus is set on strengthening global expansion strategies, enlarging our team, and undertaking significant projects in the AI field.

Our achievements include completing prestigious programs like the MIT Sandbox and Google for Startups in August 2022, where we also received grant and loan support. With this new investment, Novus is poised to become a leading figure in the rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence.

Rıza Egehan Asad, Co-Founder and CEO of Novus, shared his enthusiasm about being at the forefront of the AI revolution. Emphasizing the responsibilities and opportunities ahead, he revealed our latest contribution to the field with our SEO-oriented language model.

Haluk Nişli, General Manager of Inveo Ventures, highlighted their strategic approach to investment and recognized Novus's potential to be a pioneer in its sector and to create significant impact in both local and global markets.

For more details on our progress and future plans, please refer to the full article Novus, Inveo Ventures liderliğinde 500 bin dolar yatırım aldı on the Webrazzi website.

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Novus secures MIT Sandbox grant and Google loan, excelling in AI-driven text generation

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We're proud to announce that Novus has received significant recognition and support from prestigious programs, further solidifying our position in the AI and NLP technology industry. Recently, we were awarded a grant from MIT's Sandbox program, which supports high-tech companies with promising technologies. This grant is a testament to our innovative approach in creating original texts through artificial intelligence and NLP technologies.

Additionally, we've secured a $200,000 loan from the Google for Startups Cloud Program. This support will greatly aid in our mission to offer original and verified texts to users, combining speed with our advanced NLP technologies.

Our journey began with our first grant from MIT Sandbox in February 2022, marking us as one of the standout technology startups globally. Following our recent investment from Startup Wise Guys, valued at 4.5 million Euros, this additional support from Google Startups Cloud Program is a significant milestone.

We're excited about the future and our continued growth, thanks to these partnerships and supports.

For more information on our achievements and future plans, please refer to the full article Novus, MIT Sandbox ve Google for Startups Programından Destek Aldı on the Fortune Turkey website.

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Expanding team at Novus Writer innovates in generative AI, following successful seed funding round.

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We're thrilled to share our recent feature in an article by Aaron Pressman of the Globe, discussing the burgeoning field of generative AI and its impact on local startups like us, Novus Writer. Our journey in this innovative space has been remarkable.

The article highlights our successful raise of several hundred thousand dollars in seed funding last year, a testament to our growing influence in the generative AI sector. Our team, now counting about 15 members, is a blend of talent and dedication, focused on using AI to craft compelling marketing copy for websites, ads, and more.

Our approach is unique. We aim to serve business users and have already onboarded about 100 customers. Our founders, hailing from prestigious institutions like MIT and Northeastern, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Novus Writer. Initially, our focus was on marketing media, supported by the MIT Sandbox program. However, we pivoted to generative AI a year ago, recognizing the immense potential in this field.

What sets us apart is our commitment to overcoming the challenges often associated with generative AI, like producing convincing yet factually incorrect information. We employ multiple AI models to ensure accuracy and originality in our content, avoiding plagiarism and repetitive outputs.

As we continue to grow and innovate, we're excited about the future of Novus Writer and the broader impact of generative AI in various industries. For more details on our story and the generative AI landscape, we encourage you to read the full article, Local startups dive into generative AI from the Boston Globe.

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Transforming banking with Novus AI: Secure, tailored tech for peak efficiency and innovation.

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As a beacon of innovation, QNB Finansbank illuminates the financial landscape and redefines the integration of data science and customer experience. QNB Finansbank has become synonymous with spearheading advancements that sculpt the future of banking. With a strong focus on harnessing data science to enhance customer experience, QNB Finansbank has established itself as a leader in integrating cutting-edge technologies to drive growth and efficiency.

This is the narrative of how QNB Finansbank and Novus redefined the banking innovation sphere with pioneering technology and collaborative spirit right from the start.

Seeking Specific and Secure AI Solutions

QNB Finansbank's journey into the future of banking was met with significant challenges. The unique nature of their AI demands meant that off-the-shelf models fell short, unable to capture the nuances required for their sophisticated operations. More critically, the stringent data security requirements mandated by GDPR highlighted a pressing need for heightened security measures. Generic cloud-based systems posed inherent risks due to shared environments and potential vulnerabilities, making them unsuitable for the bank's stringent data privacy standards.

Thus, the pursuit of a secure, on-premise LLM solution became not just a strategic move but a necessary safeguard to protect sensitive customer data and ensure compliance with rigorous industry regulations. The drive for an AI system that could deliver tailored performance without compromising on security was paramount.

Novus’s Solution: Comprehensive On-Premise LLM Models

Recognizing the intricate challenges QNB Finansbank faced, Novus offered an innovative and sophisticated solution.

We deployed our advanced On-Premise tool, which was the cornerstone for developing a highly specialized AI Corpus. This AI Corpus was the foundation upon which bespoke LLM-based AI models were built, finely tuned to integrate with QNB Finansbank's specific operational needs. The custom models were capable of generating in-depth reports and providing strategic insights that were previously unattainable, all while maintaining strict adherence to data privacy regulations.

The on-premise deployment meant that all this computational power resided securely on QNB Finansbank's own GPU servers, ensuring full control over data and processes and offering peace of mind regarding data sovereignty and regulatory compliance.

The Implementation: A Model of Collaborative Ingenuity

The symbiotic relationship between QNB Finansbank and Novus was pivotal to the project's success. Novus brought not only its LLM expertise but also an active role in the international AI/LLM discourse to the table. This engagement was instrumental in crafting an on-premise model that was not just cutting-edge at the time of implementation but also designed to evolve with the rapidly advancing AI landscape.

The integration process was a meticulous collaboration, fine-tuning every aspect to fit seamlessly into QNB Finansbank's existing workflows. This joint effort resulted in a groundbreaking model that not only met current needs but also laid a scalable foundation for future innovation and growth within the industry.

Novus's profound expertise in LLM and their dynamic position in the AI community have been instrumental in developing an on-prem model that not only enhanced our revenue but also our operational efficiency. Our gratitude towards Novus for this triumphant collaboration is immense.

Charting New Horizons in Financial Innovation

The alliance between QNB Finansbank and Novus is more than a single chapter of success; it is an ongoing epic of strategic foresight and innovation. The deployment of Novus's On-Premise tool within QNB Finansbank’s operations has set a new standard in the application of data science and AI within the financial sector.

This collaboration has not only provided immediate enhancements to QNB Finansbank’s capabilities but also laid down a robust framework for future advancements. As QNB Finansbank continues to explore uncharted territories of customer experience and banking efficiency, the foundation laid by this partnership ensures that their name will be synonymous with innovation, agility, and a pioneering spirit that drives the banking industry forward.

Hear about the Novus and QNB Finansbank partnership from Burcu Yılmaz from QNB Finansbank:

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Streamlining recruitment marketing, emphasizing strategy, cross-functional collaboration, and long-term growth.

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meet minds encountered the challenge of producing standout content in the competitive landscape of recruitment marketing. Turning to Novus Writer provided a streamlined solution, significantly reducing the time invested in monthly content creation. The outcome? meet minds witnessed a remarkable increase in the efficiency of their content generation, enabling them to allocate more time to strategic aspects of recruitment marketing.

This is the tale of meet minds and Novus, a collaboration that redefined recruitment marketing content creation, ushering in a new era of efficiency and strategic focus.

Navigating Content Challenges in a Competitive Recruitment Landscape

Before meet minds embraced a transformative solution, the team grappled with the formidable challenge of creating standout content for their recruitment marketing. LinkedIn, their primary platform, buzzed with industry conversations fixated on a handful of topics, making it difficult to capture attention. The absence of a streamlined content creation process meant the team spent significant time and effort each month, diverting resources from strategic recruitment efforts. The struggle with efficiency not only hindered content quality but also presented a hurdle in keeping pace with the dynamic and fast-paced recruitment landscape.

“Since everyone is talking about trending topics on social media, we feel the need to publish posts about trends, but we try to address the topic from a perspective we have not encountered before. This can be a challenging and thought-provoking process.”

Amidst the competitive LinkedIn landscape, meet minds faced the uphill task of creating content that stood out in recruitment marketing. The platform was saturated with industry discussions centered around a few topics, posing a challenge to capturing audience attention. The absence of an efficient content creation process meant the team invested substantial time and effort each month, taking away valuable resources from strategic recruitment initiatives. This lack of efficiency not only impacted content quality but also presented a hurdle in navigating the dynamic and fast-paced recruitment landscape.

Transformative Impact and Collaborative Growth Through Innovative Tools

Novus Writer ushered in a transformative phase at meet minds, directly addressing the challenges they faced in the realm of content creation for recruitment marketing. The tool's implementation brought about an immediate change, significantly reducing the time and effort invested in monthly content generation. This newfound speed didn't just improve efficiency; it provided meet minds with the agility to navigate the dynamic LinkedIn landscape and capture audience attention more effectively.

“Since our main specialty is not content creation, we were very happy that we were able to significantly reduce the time we spend on this. We learned and experienced that even people whose specialty is not content can create good content.”

This newfound efficiency in content creation became a learning point for meet minds. It became evident that even individuals whose primary focus wasn't content could generate compelling material with the right tools. Novus Writer not only simplified the content creation process but also acted as a catalyst for cross-functional collaboration within meet minds. The collaborative spirit fostered by Novus Writer transcended the boundaries of the content team, showcasing that content creation could be a collective effort, enriching the overall dynamics of the organization.

Transformative Content Dynamics: Empowering Efficiencies and Charting New Growth Horizons

Following the integration of the innovative content creation tool, Novus Writer, a notable transformation took place at the organization. The newfound efficiency not only revolutionized content creation but also unlocked possibilities that were previously hindered by time constraints. meet minds now possesses the ability to consistently generate impactful content, providing them with a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of recruitment marketing.

The impact extends beyond the immediate gains in content creation. With Novus Writer streamlining their processes, meet minds can redirect focus and resources towards more strategic and long-term initiatives. The reduction in time and effort spent on content creation has empowered the team to delve deeper into expanding their activities abroad, aligning with their goal of becoming a well-known business partner in the IT community. The newfound agility and efficiency have become the cornerstone of their long-term plans, as they look to further enrich their collaboration across teams and explore innovative avenues for growth. With Novus Writer as a catalyst, meet minds is not just adapting to the demands of content creation; they're shaping a more dynamic and collaborative future for their organization.

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Optimizing content, marking a new era of efficient work, collaboration, and precise content creation.

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In the intricate domain of business media, Marketing Türkiye grappled with the nuanced challenge of creating evergreen content that balanced precision and depth. Seeking a practical solution, they turned to Novus Writer, a tool that offered them a structured approach to content creation. Novus Writer not only provided a structured content creation process but also allowed them to manage their workday better, ushering in a pragmatic era of efficiency and collaborative success.

This is the story of how Marketing Türkiye, hand in hand with Novus, not only conquered their evergreen content challenges but instigated an era of unrivaled efficiency, reshaping their workdays and fostering collaboration at its best.

Challenges of Crafting Impactful Content

In the earlier stages of their evergreen content creation journey, Marketing Türkiye faced the intricate challenge of crafting impactful and timeless material for their business media platform. This not only consumed valuable time and resources but also created a genuine necessity to keep up with the demands of their dynamic industry. Navigating a sea of content complexities, Marketing Türkiye encountered the challenge of maintaining the quality and depth of their evergreen content while balancing for a more efficient workflow.

"Our challenge in evergreen content creation boiled down to getting the language just right—making sure our pieces were both comprehensive and detailed."

Harmony in Collaboration: How Innovative Tools Reshaped Work Dynamics

In the face of content creation challenges, the advent of Novus Writer marked a shift for the team at Marketing Türkiye. The impact was immediate—Novus Writer brought forth a structured approach to content creation, significantly reducing the time and effort invested. This newfound efficiency not only streamlined content creation but also enabled Marketing Türkiye to manage their workdays more effectively.

“Novus Writer is a very valuable tool for creating a basic outline that can be worked on.”

The resonance of Novus Writer went beyond mere workflows; it became a beacon of collaboration within the team. Team members embraced the tool with enthusiasm, finding joy in the newfound ease of content creation. Notably, Novus Writer's Custom AI feature played a pivotal role. By allowing the team to train the AI with their own data, it provided a unique and meaningful tool that offered a basic outline to work upon. This feature enabled the team to infuse their distinctive style and tone into the content, rendering it less like AI and more authentically aligned with Marketing Türkiye's voice. As a result, Novus Writer subtly contributed to a more unified and tailored approach to work for Marketing Türkiye.

Evolving Efficiencies: A Subtle Shift in Work Dynamics Unveiled

Post-integration of unassuming yet impactful tools, a subtle evolution unfolded within the team. Novus Writer, playing a modest role, empowered the collective to surpass prior limitations in content creation. The team now possesses a newfound capability, courtesy of Novus Writer's unpretentious features, to craft narratives that resonate authentically with their distinctive voice.

This humble transformation sets the stage for modest yet meaningful long-term plans. The team, with the subtle assistance of Novus Writer, is now positioned to embrace a more agile and responsive approach to content creation, aligning seamlessly with the ever-changing landscape of their industry. Their next steps involve applying the learnings and efficiencies garnered from Novus Writer to venture into more ambitious content projects, expand their reach, and quietly solidify their position as pioneers in their domain. Novus Writer, an unassuming enabler, not only hastened their content creation process but also played a quiet role in paving the way for sustained creation processes and innovation.

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