The Journey of Novus

March 4, 2024
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Our Bold Vision

Our journey began with a bold vision: to revolutionize the way enterprises harness the power of artificial intelligence. Founded in 2020 in the innovation hubs of Boston and Istanbul with the support of MIT Sandbox, we set out to engineer AI solutions that empower organizations to unlock the full potential of large language models.

Innovation and Milestones

Our vision is to lead the development of Artificial Superintelligence through an open and collaborative approach, driving global innovation and technological progress. We strive to create an ecosystem where AI technologies are accessible to everyone, independent of institutional or organizational boundaries.

From the outset, our commitment to technological excellence and innovation has driven us to create precise, on-premise AI agents tailored to the unique needs of forward-thinking enterprises. Our solutions are designed to give our clients a competitive edge in an intelligently automated future.

Our journey has been marked by significant milestones. We have showcased our innovations at prestigious events such as CES, Viva Technology, ICLR, and Web Summit, reflecting our dedication to advancing AI and engaging with the global tech community. These achievements highlight our relentless pursuit of excellence and our ability to deliver impactful solutions.

Growth and Future Developments

A crucial part of our growth has been securing significant investment from prominent investors like Inveo Ventures and Startup Wise Guys, which has fueled our innovation and expansion. We are excited to announce that we are currently in the process of securing additional investment to further accelerate our development and reach.

Our mission is to push the boundaries of AI technology daily by developing proprietary large language models (LLMs) and creating versatile AI agents. Our innovative products enable companies to customize and leverage various closed and open-source LLMs to meet their specific needs. We deliver on-premise AI solutions enhanced by bespoke AI agents, ensuring every organization achieves exceptional outcomes with precision-engineered artificial intelligence.

We have successfully implemented AI solutions across various industries, including finance, healthcare, insurance, and agencies. For instance, our AI models help financial institutions enhance risk management, assist healthcare providers in patient data analysis, and support insurance companies in fraud detection. These use cases demonstrate our ability to transform data into strategic assets, driving efficiency and ensuring data privacy.

We are currently working on an innovative new product that will further extend our capabilities and offerings, promising to deliver even more value to our clients.

Collaboration and Core Values

Collaboration is at the heart of our journey. By building strong partnerships, we have developed innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by our clients. Our success is intertwined with the success of our partners and customers, and we are dedicated to growing together.

As we continue to innovate, we remain committed to our core values: technological excellence, relentless innovation, and a vision for an intelligently automated future.

Welcome to Novus – leading the way towards Artificial Superintelligence .

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