Shaping the Future: Novus's Innovations in Generative AI

November 13, 2023
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We're thrilled to share our recent feature in an article by Aaron Pressman of the Globe, discussing the burgeoning field of generative AI and its impact on local startups like us, Novus. Our journey in this innovative space has been remarkable.

The article highlights our successful raise of several hundred thousand dollars in seed funding last year, a testament to our growing influence in the generative AI sector. Our team, now counting about 15 members, is a blend of talent and dedication, focused on using AI to craft compelling marketing copy for websites, ads, and more.

Our approach is unique. We aim to serve business users and have already onboarded about 100 customers. Our founders, hailing from prestigious institutions like MIT and Northeastern, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Novus Writer. Initially, our focus was on marketing media, supported by the MIT Sandbox program. However, we pivoted to generative AI a year ago, recognizing the immense potential in this field.

What sets us apart is our commitment to overcoming the challenges often associated with generative AI, like producing convincing yet factually incorrect information. We employ multiple AI models to ensure accuracy and originality in our content, avoiding plagiarism and repetitive outputs.

As we continue to grow and innovate, we're excited about the future of Novus and the broader impact of generative AI in various industries. For more details on our story and the generative AI landscape, we encourage you to read the full article, Local startups dive into generative AI from the Boston Globe.

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