Novus Newsletter: AI Highlights - February 2024

Zühre Duru Bekler
February 29, 2024
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Duru here from Novus, now stepping into my new role as Head of Community! I'm excited to bring you the highlights from our February AI newsletters, all bundled into one engaging blog post.

In our newsletters, we explore the fascinating world of AI, from groundbreaking tools and ethical dilemmas to exciting events and updates from our team. In each edition, I try to spark curiosity and provide valuable insights into how AI is shaping our world.

In this post, I'll be sharing some of the most intriguing stories and updates from February 2024. Think of it as your monthly AI digest, packed with the essential highlights and insights you need to stay informed.

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In our February newsletters, we covered several significant developments in the AI world, from Apple's latest innovation to deepfake technology's increasing risks and ethical dilemmas. Here are the key stories:

Did Apple Change Our Vision Forever?

The launch of Apple Vision Pro was the tech headline of the month, overshadowing nearly all other discussions.

  • Key Point: The Vision Pro promises to enhance multitasking and productivity but raises questions about the impact on user experience and daily life.
  • Further Reading: Apple Vision Pro

When Deepfakes Get Costly: The $25 Million CFO Scam

A chilling example of the dangers of deepfake technology surfaced with a CFO being duped out of $25 million in a video call scam.

  • Key Point: This incident underscores the urgent need for robust regulations and awareness around deepfake technology to prevent such fraud.
  • Further Reading: Deepfake CFO Scam

Hey OpenAI, Are You Trying to Rule the World or Become an Artist?

OpenAI's Sora, a video generator tool, made waves with its astonishingly realistic outputs, sparking debates about AI's role in creative fields.

  • Key Point: Partnering with Shutterstock, OpenAI's Sora showcases videos that bear an uncanny resemblance to human-shot footage. While impressive, AI remains a tool in the hands of artists.
  • Further Reading: Learn more about Sora

Reddit’s $60 Million Data Deal: A Data Dilemma?

Reddit's vast repository of user-generated content has raised eyebrows with its $60 million deal with a major AI company.

  • Key Point: The diversity of Reddit's content raises questions about the quality of data being fed to AI tools. Quality data is the lifeblood of successful AI.
  • Further Reading: Reddit's stance


Fast Company Feature

We were thrilled to be featured in Fast Company's February/March issue, exploring our ambitious goal of achieving Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) and the innovative strides we're making in the business world.

The Interview of our CEO, Rıza Egehan Asad on Artificial Intelligence

CEO’s U.S. Adventure

Our CEO, Egehan, has been busy on his U.S. tour, with stops at Boston University and MIT.

  • Boston University Engagement: Egehan spoke at the Monthly Coffee Networking event hosted by the New England Turkish Student Association, highlighting the transformative potential of AI across various industries.
Our CEO at Monthly Coffee Networking event organized by NETSA at Boston University


Our team has been engaged in a flurry of activities, from enhancing our digital presence to fostering vibrant discussions across our social media platforms. These efforts highlight our dedication and passion for leading the AI community.

We’ve been focused on refining our online content, ensuring it's both engaging and informative. Whether it's updating our website with the latest features or sharing thought-provoking insights on LinkedIn, our aim is to keep you connected and informed.

Open communication and transparency are fundamental to our approach. We’re dedicated to sharing our expertise and fostering a collaborative environment where innovative ideas can flourish.

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