Novus Newsletter: AI Highlights - April 2024

Zühre Duru Bekler
April 30, 2024
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Duru here from Novus, bringing you the highlights from our April AI newsletters. This month has been a whirlwind of activity, with significant advancements in AI, exciting events, and some remarkable achievements from our team.

In each newsletter, we explore the ever-evolving world of AI, offering you the latest insights and developments. Here, I've compiled the key stories and updates from April 2024, ensuring you stay informed and engaged.

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In our April newsletters, we covered a range of fascinating topics in the AI world. Here are the highlights:

Preserving Creativity: Musicians Stand Against AI in Art

Musicians are voicing concerns about the use of AI in music, emphasizing that art should remain a human endeavor.

  • Key Point: An open letter from 200 musicians, including Billie Eilish and Katy Perry, urges tech companies to ensure AI music production tools don't undermine human creativity.
  • Further Reading: Musicians' Open Letter

Amazon's Mechanic Turk: Not Quite AI

Amazon's "Just Walk Out" grocery stores, which promised a checkout-free experience using AI, turned out to be monitored by human workers behind the scenes.

  • Key Point: The goal was to use AI for automation, but human intervention was still heavily relied upon, leading to the closure of these stores.
  • Further Reading: Amazon's Mechanic Turk

Anthropic AI's Vulnerability Discovery: Many-Shot Jailbreaking

Anthropic unveiled a vulnerability called "many-shot jailbreaking," where feeding an AI model with numerous examples can bypass its safety filters.

  • Key Point: This discovery highlights potential risks and the importance of addressing AI vulnerabilities to prevent misuse.
  • Further Reading: Anthropic's Vulnerability

Interesting Shifts in AI Investment

Recent reports show a decline in global investment in AI startups, with investors becoming more cautious about new initiatives.

  • Key Point: Despite the overall decline, generative AI (GenAI) continues to attract significant funding and interest.
  • Further Reading: AI Investment Trends


Celebrating Our Achievements

We are thrilled to share that our Turkish LLM has claimed the top spot on the OpenLLM Turkey leaderboard. This success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our engineers.

New Office, New Beginnings

We've moved to a new office to accommodate our expanding team. This new space includes a dedicated content studio, enhancing our creativity and collaboration.

  • Seeking Design Inspiration: We’re looking for decorating ideas to make our new office feel like home. If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear from you!
Our new office!

Engaging at BAU Future AI Summit'24

Our Community Team attended the BAU Future AI Summit'24, engaging with many inspiring individuals and discussing the latest in AI.

Our Community Team at BAU Future AI Summit'24

Imagination in Action with MIT

Our CEO, Egehan, attended the Imagination in Action event at MIT, connecting with industry leaders and exploring innovative AI solutions.


This month has been particularly special for our team, filled with significant milestones and engaging events.

Speech2Text Technology

We’re excited to announce that Novus now offers advanced Speech2Text technology, enabling efficient conversion of audio data into text for enhanced analysis and insights.

Highlighting Team Contributions

  • Taha’s Success: Our Chief R&D Officer, Taha Binhuraib has been accepted for a PhD in Machine Learning while continuing to work on Novus' LLMs and contributing to world-renowned research.
  • Further Reading: Taha's Achievement

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