Novus in Marketing Türkiye's March Issue

March 18, 2024
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Novus is featured in the March issue of Marketing Türkiye magazine!

Novus CRO, Vorga Can, shares insights on how artificial intelligence is impacting industries and what future developments to expect in the latest issue of Marketing Türkiye.

Vorga Can's Interview Highlights:

  • Understanding AI in Marketing: ’’When we consider marketing as the process of understanding customer needs and crafting the right messages to meet those needs, AI becomes a critical tool. Many startups and companies are already vying for a share of this market. Initially led by machine learning, this field has evolved into models that truly embody the essence of AI.’’
  • AI and Creative Agencies: ’’I believe that agencies combining AI models with their marketing expertise have a significant advantage. Creative know-how isn't going anywhere; it just needs to meet automation, much like the industrial revolution.’’
  • Sector Transformations: ’’Significant changes are occurring in subsectors that actively use machine learning and AI. Engineers who understand AI but lack coding skills continue to face challenges. Similarly, those who rely solely on coding without embracing AI advancements aren't likely to have a bright future. This trend applies to various departments, including sales, marketing, operations, and HR. We're moving into a hybrid era where not adapting to these tools means facing a challenging future, especially in the tech industry.’’
  • Advancements in Semantic Analysis: ’’In our domain of semantic analysis, new research is published daily. Applications like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Pika have created significant impacts in text, visual, and video content areas. Our focus areas, such as AI agents and agent orchestration, are gaining popularity. We're moving beyond simply interacting with an agent like ChatGPT. We've surpassed the threshold where different AI agents can understand visuals, communicate with each other, and work together to produce reports and content as a team. The next step is to make this widespread.’’
  • Automation and Job Transformation: ’’Many sectors, jobs, and operations will soon be fully automated and human-free. Likewise, many job sectors will transform, and new ones will emerge. The industrial revolution created more professions than it eliminated, most of which were unimaginable before the revolution.’’
  • Embracing AI: ’’While we're far from a world where all operations are fully automated, it's crucial to accept AI as an ally. It’s important not to feel left behind and to adapt to the industry. I compare AI to the advent of electricity. Just as we no longer use brooms with wooden handles to clean our homes, we won’t conduct marketing activities relying solely on human effort.’’

This feature in Marketing Türkiye highlights our commitment to advancing AI technology and its applications. We are excited to share our journey and vision with the readers of Marketing Türkiye and look forward to continuing to lead the way in AI innovation.

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