Novus Gains Recognition and Support from MIT Sandbox and Google for Startups

September 5, 2023
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We're proud to announce that Novus has received significant recognition and support from prestigious programs, further solidifying our position in the AI and NLP technology industry. Recently, we were awarded a grant from MIT's Sandbox program, which supports high-tech companies with promising technologies. This grant is a testament to our innovative approach in creating original texts through artificial intelligence and NLP technologies.

Additionally, we've secured a $200,000 loan from the Google for Startups Cloud Program. This support will greatly aid in our mission to offer original and verified texts to users, combining speed with our advanced NLP technologies.

Our journey began with our first grant from MIT Sandbox in February 2022, marking us as one of the standout technology startups globally. Following our recent investment from Startup Wise Guys, valued at 4.5 million Euros, this additional support from Google Startups Cloud Program is a significant milestone.

We're excited about the future and our continued growth, thanks to these partnerships and supports.

For more information on our achievements and future plans, please refer to the full article Novus, MIT Sandbox ve Google for Startups Programından Destek Aldı on the Fortune Turkey website.

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