Novus CEO Talks Future of AI in Fast Company

February 22, 2024
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In the latest issue of Fast Company, Rıza Egehan Asad, Co-founder and CEO of Novus, shares the company’s vision for advancing Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) and how Novus is committed to making AI a reliable technology for enterprises.

Egehan's Insights:

''We have taken our first steps towards becoming one of the companies that shape artificial intelligence in the world with the patentable structures we have developed and the solutions we provide to large companies.'' Egehan shares.

Key Highlights from the Interview:

  • Achieving ASI: Egehan provides detailed insights into Novus' ambitious goals for realizing ASI, emphasizing the strategic milestones set for the coming years.
  • Innovative AI Solutions: He highlights the innovations Novus introduces to the business world through various AI agents and systems, ensuring they operate in secure on-premise environments to meet the highest standards of data security and privacy.
  • Investor Strategy: The interview outlines Novus’ strategy for attracting and securing investments, focusing on the company's cutting-edge developments and robust growth potential.

As Novus continues to pioneer in the AI industry, this feature in Fast Company underscores our dedication to pushing the boundaries of AI technology. Our commitment to developing patentable AI structures and providing innovative solutions to large companies positions us at the forefront of the AI revolution.

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