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AI-Powered Call Centers Transform Acıbadem Healthcare Services

May 13, 2024
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Acıbadem is a leading healthcare provider dedicated to delivering high-quality medical services. Since partnering with Novus in August 2023, significant advancements have been made, particularly in the integration of artificial intelligence into their operations and the remarkable growth they have achieved.

Advancements in AI Integration

One of the standout achievements of this partnership has been the successful integration of AI into Acıbadem's call center systems. With the help of Novus's 360 Sales AI solution, Acıbadem has revolutionized its call center management and content control processes. This integration has led to improved accuracy and efficiency in operations, ensuring better patient care and more informed decision-making.

Remarkable Growth and Impact

The collaboration with Novus has had a profound impact on Acıbadem's growth. The healthcare provider has experienced an impressive 500% growth since the partnership began. This growth has directly influenced their turnover, with Acıbadem stating,

"We achieved a 500% growth and it directly affected the turnover."

This achievement highlights the effectiveness of Novus's solutions in driving business success.

Strengthening Efficiency Through Collaboration

The partnership between Acıbadem and Novus has been characterized by efficient teamwork and rapid progress. Acıbadem has praised the Novus team for their quick and effective approach to project execution, noting,

"Team dialog and work completion is very fast."

The additional support from Novus' sister company KLOK has further solidified this partnership, indicating a promising long-term collaboration.

Future Prospects

As Acıbadem and Novus continue their collaboration, they are poised for even greater achievements. Their commitment to exploring innovative solutions and embracing new technologies is set to further revolutionize the healthcare industry. Acıbadem's journey with Novus serves as a shining example of how strategic partnerships can lead to exceptional outcomes in healthcare.

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